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At Laptops Compared we've compared the latest laptops and their prices with major retailers online. Not only do you get the cheapest deal on your laptop but we use a unique rating system which helps you decide what laptop is best for you. Compare laptop prices now and get the best deal online!

Laptops Compared Unique Scoring System

Our unique scoring system helps you choose the best laptop based on your personal requirements. We rank all the major components in the system to work out its over all score

40-55% - OK to Good = Laptops for those on a budget. Good for everyday tasks, such as email, word processing and browsing the Internet but may not be suitable for graphics processing, gaming or other power-intensive applications.

56%-70% - Good to Very Good = Suitable for most kinds of additional activities including watching movies, playing music etc. Most games will run ok, although top-end games may struggle to run fluidly. Will be able to run more applications without slowdown than a budget product.

71%+ - Very Good to Excellent = The higher end of the laptop range. Price will often reflect this, although bargains are still to be found. Laptops will be able to run many more applications at once, modern games should run without issue on most of these products. Graphic and video editing will be possible (depending on individual specification). Hard drive storage should not be an issue for most users.

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